Kind of a Big Deal

IPA - American

Kind of a Big Deal - San Diego IPA Don't act like you are not impressed. The hop combo used in this IPA are Kind of a Big Deal. This beer smells and tastes like Tropical Fruit, Stone Fruit and Citrus (not like rich mahogany) with an awesome bitterness that leaves you wanting more.

San Diego (which is Spanish for... I'm not quite sure) has a load of amazing breweries. They specialize in West Coast Style IPAs. The style was really born in that city and we are dam thankful for the inspiration.

Pour this beer into a nice glass (not a glass case of emotion) and enjoy ayour love of hops (I love lamp). Drink this beer; perhaps while watching a comedy starring an anchorman that loves scotch.

PS Do not drink this beer in an enclosure with a giant and dangerous bear. You will immediately regret that decision.

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l love scotch

Kind of a Big Deal

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